What is 'permanent jewelry'?

An easy, quick, and painless process that welds together custom-fitted jewelry without a clasp. Since the bracelet is welded on, it has no clasp and will therefore stay on forever until it is removed.

Custom-made jewelry items such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, and toe rings. The possibilities are endless!


In this course you will learn...

All About Permanent Jewelry
Enhancing Your Business
Tools Knowledge
All About Jump Rings, Chains & Charms
Where to Buy Your Supplies
All About Welding
Unbranded Machine vs. Orion Machine
Argon Gas
How to Sharpen Your Tungsten
Procedure Preparation
How to Upsell
All About Pop Ups
How to Set Up Your Business
Marketing Your Business
Insurance + Liability + Waivers
and so much more!


What's included in the kit?

20ft assorted 14k gold filled and sterling silver chains
14k gold filled jump rings
Sterling silver jump rings
Container for jump rings
Skin protector patch
1 Fiberglass pen
Foldable Handheld Magnifying Glass
Auto darkening welding goggles
Goggles for client
1 needle nose plier
1 grounded plier
1 jewelry cutter

  • "Wanda is an amazing instructor. This was hands down one of the best training courses I’ve taken. She’s an amazing instructor, mentor and overall human being. I’m glad I chose to be trained by Wanda instead of being on my own and learning through YouTube. I feel so confident in my newfound skill and that’s thanks to Wanda." - Viczel S.

  • "Words cannot describe how excited I was to start permanent jewelry, and especially by the one person who inspired me to be an esthetician in the first place. Her training was everything I imagined and more, I didn’t think i would’ve been able to fall in love with it if I trained anywhere else. She was very thorough and was always so open to answer our questions and help us become successful in permanent jewelry. " - MaryAnn H.

  • "Where to start. Firstly, Wanda herself is an amazing human being inside out. She’s kind, funny, attentive and has a desire to continuously learn and improve herself and her work. Picking her as a trainer to further my career was 10/10 a no brainer. Her group PMJ class was warm and welcoming. She provided study materials that were clear and concise, communicated so well with us and checked up on us individually. Her hands on training was so much fun! She did not shy away from teaching all her tips and tricks. I know after this, we will always be in contact as she has continues to show her support even after the class. You can tell how much passion she has for teaching and that is truly inspiring. This was an amazing experience and I honestly would do it over again. I love you Wanda!" - Ky H.

  • "Truly so excited about this new venture, I’ve been wanting to start permanent jewelry for a while, but didn’t see a class worth taking. Having followed Wanda for years because I’m also a lash artist I notice she was offering classes. I immediately jumped on the opportunity and I’m so glad I did! She made the learning process so smooth and easy, she made sure I had no questions, repeated herself, shows me multiple times how to make a bracelet. Her patience was greatly appreciated. Not only was she great, she made taking a course so relatable. She’s just like any of us that pursued a dream and is spreading her knowledge. I appreciate her so much for showing me how to add additional income to my business. After taking her course I’ve had questions, she’s always available to answer anything I ask! I feel like I made a lifetime friend. Wanda really prides herself in making sure you’re getting your time and moneys worth. Take the course! I promise you, you won’t regret it!!" - Valeria V.

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Permanent Jewelry Training FAQs

Do I need to have a license to perform permanent jewelry?

Currently there is no license to perform this service which is amazing because anyone can start offering this service! Although this is not legal advice so please consult with a professional.

How long is the training?

One on one trainings are usually 4 hours but students are allowed more time if needed.

Does the training come with the machine?

Trainings include the starter kit and a printed manual for students to take home. During training, students will be able to test out the different machines that can be used for permanent jewelry. We want to let our students try each machine first before investing in one.

How much do the machines cost?

The machine can range from $550-$3000. Depending on the budget of our students, we let you test out 3 of the different machines we have so students can decide which one to invest in.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, you can choose Afterpay at checkout when you purchase the training.

What happens after training?

As a student, you will be invited to join our private Facebook community, as well as receive lifetime mentorship from me.